Photo by Together & Sunspell.


David studied at Cardiff (formerly UWIC) graduating in 2001. He is based in Bristol & is a member of Westcountry Potters. David works in the medium of porcelain paper clay and stoneware; hand building figurative sculpture and vessels from sheets of clay. Formed by an innovative technique entirely his own, his work is highlighted with touches of glaze, precious lustres and metallic oxides. By manipulating the clay sheets from the inside to form the shape, the texture created by this method is integral and unique to every piece.    

Each is then emphasised by oxide washes and highlighted with touches of glaze and lustre. All work is fired to 1260 degrees.

David’s work is based on the female form and the different contexts in which it is viewed.  His work explores our attitudes to the body and perceived notions of beauty informed by imagery from within the Contemporary fashion industry as well as historically.

David has taken inspiration from English porcelain figures of the Eighteenth Century, particularly Derby, Chelsea and Bow combined with Chinese Han Dynasty tomb figures, Romanesque and Gothic art, and the work of Gwen John, Jessie Marion King and Margaret Macdonald Mackintosh as well as historical and contemporary fashion. Fairy tales and folklore are also strong sources of ideas, themes of myths and legends with narrative being key.  With the added notion of saints, deities and folklore and what they represent culturally. His work is created as innately spiritual with religious overtones.